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    So this was not a great week for cooking. I didn’t make cook several of the things I was planning on, but I did try a few new things. When I see the recap I realize that I cooked very unhealthy this week and didn’t cook enough. Here’s to doing better next week!

         1. Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Gal On A Mission

    You know when you have a favorite thing at a restaurant but you decide to be adventurous and try something new and you always end up being disappointed. That’s kinda how this recipe was for me. I have a *Chicken and Wild Rice Soup recipe that is my go to. It is consistently fantastic and pretty easy to throw together. But I saw this recipe on Pinterest and decided I needed to try it… spoiler alert, I didn’t. I should have stuck with my go to. Don’t get me wrong this recipe is not bad by any means! It was a perfectly yummy and simple dinner. However, I will definitely be sticking to my original go-to recipe.

    Copycat Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

    *I recommend reading the comments on this soup, there are some great suggestions for variations for this recipe. For example, I usually use rotisserie chicken and add carrots, celery and onion.

       2. One Pot Cheesy Chicken Alfredo by Six Sisters’ Stuff  

    This dish was a bit of a hail mary to save dinner Sunday night. I didn’t plan ahead and suddenly it was almost 6 o clock and I had nothing started, no meat thawed, hardly any groceries, and a hungry husband. Before I get to the recipe lets side bar for a minute. Have you ever tried Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken?It is the best thing ever. I mean, it’s super expensive, but sometimes you can find it on sale at Target or get rebates through Ibotta and it is so worth it. I am terrible about planning ahead for dinner and rarely remember to thaw chicken out. Having a bag of this chicken in the freezer has saved me so many times. I’ll use it to make chicken quesadillas for a quick simple dinner or most commonly, use it in pasta dishes. You should try it! Anyway,  I digress…back to Sunday night. So as I was frantically searching my favorite recipe blogs to find something to make I stumbled upon this recipe, I had all the ingredients and could just use the precooked chicken previously discussed to make it even easier. Done and Done.  It was delicious, how could it not be, pasta, cream, cheese, it’s the perfect combination! However, I have a husband that doesn’t have a gallbladder. Not having a gallbladder makes it difficult to digest fat, you can imagine where this is going. This recipe was great, but it won’t be going into our regular rotation. I gain a pound just by looking at it and my poor husband’s body just can’t handle it…sigh.

    One Pot Cheesy Chicken Alfredo

         3. Twice Baked Potato’s by Garnish and Glaze.

    Okay so this is more a side dish, I served it with grilled chicken and broccoli, but it was a tasty side dish and took more time and effort than the entree, so I think it’s worth getting it’s own recap! Anyone who knows me knows that potatoes are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I have never met a potato dish I didn’t like, they are so versatile and just so darn delicious. Surprisingly, I have only ever made twice baked potatoes once before this and it was years ago, so this was long over due. This recipe was everything I hoped it would be. As with the recipe above, it was very cheesy and creamy, so these will, unfortunately have to remain a rare treat, but I would highly recommend!

    Twice Baked Potatoes

    I also already made that amazing Chicken Tikki Masala again from last week. This time I made it for a friend and it was a hit!


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